i’ve moved. please update links. =)

if you’re wondering why i haven’t been updating this space lately, it’s because i’ve been updating over at blogspot. yep, i’ve decided to move back.

here’s the link:


(much easier to remember don’t you think?! wordpress users used to following blogs can also subscribe there via email, if you support me enough. )

after moving over from there to wordpress in goodness-knows-when, i’ve enjoyed years of simple, hassle-free blogging. besides, i was going through a slightly rough patch and i needed the password-protect in order not to scare off minors with my cursing and swearing. anyway i’m past that childish stage now. and i’ve found a reason to switch back!

nuffnang. unfortunately, as much as i love using wordpress, it won’t let me run ads from nuffnang (or anywhere else for that matter). but then again, is nuffnang worth the trouble and risk?

while i’m not daydreaming to earn thousands of dollars like popular bloggers around, i hope to at least earn myself a new top or skirt or bag or even a meal, every…..half year or so? lol. i still have some credited in my account earned from years ago when my then-blog had zero readers. so it’s not exactly an unattainable dream is it?

and maybe. just maybe. someday, if nuffnang doesn’t work out for me, i’ll move back here to wordpress! 🙂