wow i can’t believe i’m up so early today. whee~ i dunno why, but there’s this song stuck in my head. its 下一站天后 by twins. those of you who watched 阿旺新转 might know that its the song 美丽 sang during her singing competition. really nice and meaningful. shall upload here once it stops lagging. ^^

been holed up at home since the sat date with sa. furthest i’ve been was downstairs. it may only be a few days, but weirdly it feels like a few months to me. i wonder if i still remember how to get to school. lols.

speaking of school, only 2 more months left! i know i should probably attend all lectures and tutorials from now on to make full use of my remaining time left in ngee ann, but.. raining season haven end leh. so shiok to sleep in. haiz.

this sem’s projects were kinda less stressing, mainly because i’m not the one in charge. its nice to be ‘taking orders’ for a change, but i seriously pity my leaders. i just hope that what i’ve done is okay. well, sorry if it’s not. =X i don’t mean to be rude, but it kinda sucks doing projects with an unfamiliar group of people. where’s my yean?! haiz. i guess its part of growing up, and i know i have to work with strangers in future, but, that’s just me. blehz.

p.s. this last part is for gary and johnson, if by any chance you guys are here. lols. i’m sorry i wasn’t able to help nor give any constructive comments about what you guys have told me. (you two got same problem. lols.) not that i don’t want to help or anything, but i dunno how to. as you guys probably know, mine is messed up all the same, so i don’t wanna say anything wrong. but i know my ‘haha’ and ‘lols’ can get pretty irritating at times, so.. gomenasai~!!


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