hmm. plenty to blog today. first thing – latest news. “a group of students and a teacher were attacked at labrador park by a swarm of bees.” poor things. see lah. go there for wad? tunnels so nice meh? now free bee sting somemore. zzZz.

next thing. went polyclinic this afternoon. reached there at 12.45pm, and left at 4pm. nice. excellent time management. -_- everywhere i go oso must wait leh. from registration, to see doctor, to get medicine, and then to get referral letter. a whopping 3hrs man! i wouldn’t have stepped in there if not for the price reduction. haiz.

while i was waiting to collect my medicine, i saw this weird auntie. she kept going to the counter, peer over, then go back and sit down. got queue number one wad. so kan chiong for wad sia. and not to be rude, but when she stood up, i happen to notice her.. tummy. erm, you know when you pour a glass of beer to the top and the foamy thing almost spills over the edge? that’s what her tummy looked like, her fats were practically ‘spilling over’. know why i can see it? cos she was wearing a short tummy-revealing top and tight shorts. lols. but still, kudos to her bravery and self-confidence. unfortunately, when she sat down, she kept digging her nose and erm, flicking off whatever she found inside. omg gross can!?! zzZz.

had sakae sushi buffet dinner tonight with my ex-colleagues/boss from my attachment company. actually i was tired out from all that waiting and walking in the afternoon, but i still went for dinner for the sake of meeting them. i hadn’t thought much of it before, but after seeing them, i realized how much i missed working there. i don’t miss the boring stuff i did there, but it’s the people i miss. i miss my friendly and helpful HR colleagues, that ah lian from KA (jk eve!), the couple of fun engineers upstairs, and the many people here and there that made my attachment so enjoyable. heard from them the company very messy now. sad lah. i seriously thought of sending in my resume, but if you guys are gone, no use me going in right? haiz. looking forward to the next outing after cny! ^^

lastly, cuteoverload presents!


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