i need to rant. =X

haiz. i dunno why but i’m kinda dreading school now. i feel this dread increasing every minute. zzZz. the thought of going back to class depresses me, cos i can no longer see fun. i miss those 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1 days, where even though i’m not very close to my classmates, i never really felt very left out. lessons were pretty enjoyable and nice. 2.2 wasn’t so bad too, even though i left my previous class. i think it’s cos the people were nice.

3.1 was the worst class i ever had, and i mean it. i’ve never seen so much people i dislike gathered together before. sure i had a couple of friends with me, and i made new ones, but nevertheless, a certain group of people in that class piss me off soooo much, i seriously showed the evil side of me. thank god i don’t have to see them this sem.

3.2 kinda sucks as well. i feel weird without yean, having gone through 5 sems with her. and thank god i still have jolin with me. i can’t imagine being in 3.2 alone. i’m not saying the rest of the class are bad, but compared to my first class, i can’t say i like 3.2 alot.

which probably explains my project attitude this sem. ask sa, ask yean, ask anyone who’ve done projects with me before. compare my previous attitudes and this recent one. really one sky one earth. lols. i don’t wanna be like this as well, but i can’t help it. i can’t seem to concentrate nor participate much. i do feel guilty, but i can’t bring myself to enjoy working on those projects. toooo sianz liao. sorry guys. =(

ah crap. i think i might be looking forward to the end of year exams, which means i don’t have to go to class anymore. haiz.

okay end of rant. if i’ve offended you, sorry but this is the way you make me feel – pissed off. i don’t give a damn. =\


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