argh i dun like school reopens. not because i have to go to school, but because there’s a drastic increase of students on board buses. it seems such a long long time ever since i saw a crowded bus. previously even at 4plus, there were seats available. around the same time today, i had to squeeze on board the bus. and students nowadays. tsk tsk~ kana sandwiched just now. the back people wouldn’t move in nor let me move in, and the front keep pushing me. nice feeling eh? the darn aircon wasn’t working too. sucked horribly since i had waited 20mins in the sun for the bus to arrive. argh! -_-”’

lalala~ should i continue training my blessless priest, or train my pathetic unfunded warrior? hmmm. i love warrior’s damage, but i’ve spent so much time/money/effort on the priest, i dun really wanna give it up. especially since more and more people now are agreeing that bless sucks. haiz.

p.s. this is for mingkai, if you ever get to read this. lols. impressive. from 9am until now. thanks for sms-ing me the whole day. if not i really v sianz lor. nothing to do. i stoned throughout lunch break. LOL. but wasted your sms wor. but hor, you sentry duty oso nothing to do right? hahaha~ enjoy india ba. blehz. ^^


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