can you pretend not to love someone when actually you do? can you do the opposite too?

i think all of us are professional actors/actresses at some point of time in life. no matter how we feel, how we think, there’s always some situation where we have to conceal our true self and act the way others want us to. aren’t you sick of it sometimes..?

there’s no reason for me not to be happy. smiles can be put on no matter how i feel. it’s only whether i want to do it or not. but when night falls and there’s no one there for you, it’s hard to pretend not to cry.

read kenneth’s blog just now. (yes dear, that ‘ms’ is me.) =P anyways, that article you mentioned really helped me to understand what i’m going through abit better. still boils down to the old saying ‘ 期望越高, 失望越大’. maybe i should learn how not to expect anything. thanks kenneth~


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