lalala~ taking a break from writing the report. was feeling extremely stressed and pissed off earlier cos i was wondering why yean’s group can discuss part 2 of the project together, and yet i’m doing this major part alone. but as i was flipping through my trmk notes (lam project go read trmk notes -_-), i suddenly saw this particular slide with the points i was thinking of, or supposed to think of. so…voila~! erm, but hor, leader ah, sorry if it’s wrong lor, cos i dunno how to do le. lols.
anyway, i just managed to hit 3,000 words and left with only one part. woohoo~ is that an achievement? haiz. i din see myself working so hard for my individual assignment previously, and yet i managed to scrape a grade A for it. dear tutor, you are the nicest tutor i’ve had so far. please let us score this time. let my panda eyes be worth the sacrifice. =P

it’s a pity blogger wun let me post pictures. cos as i was surfing the net for pictures for the report, i chanced upon the sexiest butt i’ve ever seen. will post it up when blogger lets me, and if i remember. in the meantime, off to bed. bye ppl~! ^^

[edit] here’s the pic!
tada~! sexy hor..?
p.s. thx gary for the sweet sweet testimonials. =)


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