i wonder..
if i’m really the self-centered bitch like what some people said just now.

when my friends have problems,
i only know how to listen and nod my head.
yet when i have problems,
i expect my friends to provide advice which i probably won’t heed.

when i’m feeling vexed, i take it out on people who care,
because i know they won’t retaliate.
yet when these people disappoint me sometimes,
i leave them no chance.

in relationships, i don’t dare to give,
because i’m afraid of being hurt.
yet whilst doing so,
i hurt those people instead.

just because i want their lives to revolve around me,
doesn’t mean they want and have to do so too.
i have much to learn,
much much more.


to you-know-who, i told myself i was gonna ignore you the whole week. but because of the reflection, i decided to talk to you again. you deserved it today. (if you cared) i was damn angry and upset just now. i really wanted to cry when you ‘abandoned’ me there like that, for the second time in a row. seriously, if not for all those times i vented my anger on you, it would take more than a week for me to talk to you again. you can try again if you don’t believe. =X

(kindly DO NOT ask me anything about the above paragraph, unless i offer to tell you myself.)

and as i was hoping to cheer myself up in audition, met a trio of sorelosers who so ‘nicely’ commented on my style of clothings, finishing off with a very polite ‘BITCH’. =D but they did some good too. at least it helped inspire the reflection above.

on a lighter note, passed the whole report to jolin to continue. hopefully she can manage without me and i can finally take a break from lam. ^^

oh ya, i met xia at bus stop today. she took leave for napfa. lols. so long nv gathering liao. grad le muz muz hor~!

no more report and lesser tutorials make me feel pretty relaxed. time for some gaming before exams. =P


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