woots finally can sit down and blog. long day today. hmm. went school for trmk revision lecture. i was actually feeling rather skeptical going to school cos i dunno what kinda reactions i would get (btw i pinned up my fringe). happened to see huoleong and bingheng they all. huoleong asked me why i today put makeup. i stared at him. cos i’ve been doing that since goodness knows when. -_- hmm. weian said he nearly din recognize me. but luckily he also said i din look funny. blehz. the girls said now nicer than last time. i feel better. lols.
‘begged’ huoleong help me go buy fried wanton. when he came back, he passed it to caleb to pass to me. but i din see him. so poor caleb had to hold it dangling there while i dug for my money. lols. at revision lecture, kenneth tham gave us a lot of ‘tips’. after copying whatever he said, i realized he meant need to study practically everything. zzZz.

after lecture, went for lunch. yean told me her friend’s story. i really like what she said. “你不能否认他在追求你的时候是真的喜欢你, 但过阵子, 他不喜欢你时, 就是真的不喜欢你了.” or something like that. which makes me wonder if i should ever take this risk. =\

while waiting for yean and ruilan, i went helpdesk, wanting to take the license key for fireworks. it was closed. so i went downstairs and surfed (the web) until their class ended. went upstairs to helpdesk again, still closed. this time worse, lights were even switched off. zzZz. wth lor. i bring laptop for nothing. haish.

went bugis with the gals after dinner in school. had some fun shopping. then we sat at this bubbletea shop and talked for some time. nice. but can be nicer if we were at coffee bean or something. lols. walked around somemore, then headed to bugis village. saw some real cheap diy acrylic nails on sale, so i bought a few to try. bought another dress as well. i really like it, but it’s kinda puffy and makes me look fat. or so i think. haha. walked abit more, then went back home.

was in a good mood today but apparently my dad isn’t. i reached home before 11.30pm, which i’m sure is considered early to many people, and tio scolding from him and my mum for coming back soooo late. -_- i so wanted to show them the dress and nails, but oh wells.

after doing my acrylic nails, i realized they were way tooooo long. it was so hard to type on the laptop and impossible to use my phone. zzZz. after much hard consideration, i removed them. haish. =( but i find them really pretty and i think i might still do them for chinese new year. hahas.

pics pics! ^^


mapled yesterday, and as i was recovering hp, along came this bathrobe guy who f2-ed me. so i f2-ed him back.

SouLSearch3R : i also bowman
SouLSearch3R : xbowman
SouLSearch3R : train hard ah
SouLSearch3R : +U+U

if this happened when maple first started, i wouldn’t pay second thoughts to it. but in current maple, where i see rude kids and ks-ers everywhere, i find it pretty rare to have strangers encouraging strangers of the same job. those few simple words kinda made my day and i feel more motivated to continue training. =) sad that he left the map before i could fame him. but SouLSearch3R, i remember you! arigato~!


there are many things which
i never knew how
to do or say .

would you still want me..?


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