it’s my ah ma’s birthday today! went out to nobel house for dinner. i love that place. small, cozy, nice ambience, with personalized service. most important is the eat-all-you-can. other things aside, the salmon sashimi alone makes the price worth it. my fave! 8 of us ordered 4 plates of it! i ate the most. *grinz sheepishly*
we also had ‘fo tiao qiang’ and sharks fin, and i finished with 2 bowls of honeydew sago. yummy! i think i just gained a couple kgs.

before the dinner, we also surprised my ah ma with a small little cake, even though she begged us not to buy her one. lols. my ah gong kinda gave the game away when i asked him for his lighter and he openly passed it to me. tsk tsk. all the people looked at us when i carried the cake to her, and she was the star tonight. i could tell she was happy. lalala. wo ai si my ah ma le. MUACKS~ =)

*sighs* now that i’m back home, seeing all my notes reminds me that i have to start studying soon again. thank god i didn’t drink today. haish. the wind outside is so strong, i can hear the ‘woo woo’ sounds. lols. best for sleeping. =(

okay pic pics. then i’m back to studying.

*muacks ah ma* ^^

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