the much-dreaded finals has officially started today, with a bad start. i kinda flunked today’s paper. but, i think i might be able to pass. =| *prays* this is what happens if i get sick before exams. i totally have no mood to study. last night damn jialat lor, want study cannot go in, want sleep then start to headache. haish. woke up early this morning and die die chiong abit. zzZz.

the worst part was in the classroom. i was sniffing continuously for the whole 2 hours, coughing every now and then, and after an hour, my tummy started growling. -_- although i tried to minimize sound effect as much as possible, i still pity the people around me. the room was also freaking cold. overall, NOT a very nice environment for thinking. sianz 1/2.

went shoe-hunting after the paper. thx thx jolin for pei-ing me. bought 2 pairs of heels. i like the purple one. haha. ruilan, got wedges but design not that nice. lalala~ went abit mad on the way home with my aunt. i started laughing out, real loud. omg! XD

anyways, 1 paper down, 2 more to go. with so many good lucks, i sure hope i’m able to pass these 2 tough ones. lemme wish all you guys good luck too. GAMBADE NE~!! ^^

p.s. happy birthday dear cher. =)


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