AT LAST! it’s over. lols. exams, school, poly life..over and done with. hopefully no stay-backs. *touchwood* =P
fabm was surprisingly rather easy. never knew april ng was this nice. i actually managed to do all the questions, despite my mere 2-hr sleep last night. hmms. i seriously hope to score either a B or a near-A. i really need this paper to help pull my overall grades up, cos i ended up with a very sad and demoralizing D for my project. haiz.

went out to town with yean and jolin after the paper. lunched at pizza hut. haven’t eaten that for quite some time. yums. =) walked around far east plaza, and guess what i finally found? my triangel! yippee~ i’ve been looking all over the place to no avail, but all thanks to yean who spotted it, i finally got one of my own. muacks yean. lols. if you don’t know what a triangel is, or haven’t read my long long ago post about it, click this. like, omg can?! i can’t believe i actually found one, and it’s sitting here right on my table! whoots~ hopefully it’s gonna bring me some luck finding the right one. =)

accompanied yean to taka to get ingredients for sushi. was reminded of the last time i made them. they still looked like shit, but taste quite nice lor. hahas. cos i made them myself ok! blehz. by 5 plus i was already dead-tired, and very much gong gong liao. yean and jolin still wanted to go plaza sing, but i buay tahan le. lols. while walking to the mrt station, there was this couple who happened to be walking in front of me. when i walked fast, they also walked fast. when i walked slow, they followed. i couldn’t seem to cut them at all. worse part is, they were acting all lovey-dovey right in front of me! zzZz. i was already feeling kinda lonely walking down the long stretch of orchard road alone, and they had to do this to me. T.T

oh wells. photoshop sucks. cos i don’t know how to use it. lols. my macromedia fireworks trial expired some time ago and i’ve been trying to find alternatives for it. GIMP and Paint.Net sucks to the core. I just managed to get paint shop pro, and thank god it’s working okay for me. but sadly, it’s nevertheless a trial. so i guess i gotta pop down to school sometime and get my precious fireworks installed. i’m gonna try making a new blogskin image with psp, hopefully it turns out well. *crosses fingers*

pics pics. edited with psp. ^^

no the last pic is not what i took on the roads today. it’s supposed to be a funny pic i got online. the pic’s not that funny, until you read the caption..

“this is what you get when a towtruck towing a truck breaks down and needs to be towed.” lol?


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