whoa! hmm. it was still drizzling but my aunt insisted on having the steamboat downstairs instead of at home. lucky got shelter de. on the way down, i casually brought up the subject of alcohol, and to my amazement, my dad simply picked up a bottle of xo from his ‘bar counter’. i was like, wah! lols. upon reaching downstairs, we then realized we didn’t bring water to mix the xo with. so we had to drink it straight. my dad was ok, but i found it a little bit too strong, so i mixed it with ice. lalala~ niceeee. my aunt brought some red wine down after that, but it tasted weird. lols. and i still miss vodka. =\
steamboat was horrendous. the spread of food in front of me was way too big. felt full after staring at it. LOL. i saw alot of abalone, but come to think of it, i din manage to eat any at all. zzZz.

my goduncle brought cooper along. yays for me. he looked the same, but his strength has grown man. i can’t pull him anymore lor. managed to take a pic with him looking directly at the cam and tongue lolling to one side! yippee~ but i had to greyscale it cos i wasn’t having makeup on. haish. actually my goduncle wanted to leave cooper at my place for a couple of days. but too bad it was cny.

we also played with sparklers after dinner. been ages since i played that. soo fun! =) after the ‘lou yu sheng’, i downed a cup of red wine in one gulp. bad mistake. felt groggy afterwards, but thank god for hot water baths. lol. oh wells, pics pics~

my aunt gave me this for valentine’s. lols. it may be only a cheap chocolate, but actually i’ve noticed this one for quite some time liao. i found it kinda cute, but abit waste of money to buy and eat myself. but neverminds, i got it now. ^^

random pics! cos meiying just sent this to me. it was more or less the last day of lectures for me, so i went in t-shirt and shorts. and suddenly everything’s happening on tat day. (take pics/go town walk walk) zzZz.

need help spring cleaning? call the doggy-maids!

will you look at those heels? omg cute can?!
well that’s all for today. maple or audi eh? =P

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