just a quick post. i’m beat. GONG XI FA CAI everyone~! may all of you get lots and lots of hong baos. let the coming year be way better than the last. =D

nothing much actually, except that my dad said i looked pregnant in this dress i wore today. (-_-”) so sad can. this was the dress i said i looked fat in, but my girls said it was nice, so i trusted them. girls…erm…*bangs wall*

and upon reaching my paternal ah gong house, my aunt susie hugged me and said, “you look so sweet and pretty dear. so long never see you, you put on weight le hor? what happened to you? don’t eat so much fatty food laahh.” *bangs wall again* T.T

i spent the whole afternoon there sitting at the same spot on the sofa watching tv, seeing the rest gamble, and dozing off. super sianz. what a waste of time. =(

oh wells, tomorrow will be a better day. hopefully i don’t look fat tomorrow. zzZz. pics, before i end. click on it if can’t see the text.

p.s. hope you’re feeling better. get well soon. win more in cards. =)

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