tired tired~ slept at 5am and kana pulled up at 7. zzZz. accompanied my ah ma go temple to ‘bai tai sui’. so many people sia. first time i was sitting in an ocean of ‘ah mas’. scary. lols. on the way back, i spied one of those toy machines. my dad automatically gave me 2 bucks to play. hahas. played the piggy machine. got 2 keychains. one pair de wor. black and white de. kawaii~ ^^

came back, changed, and went out again to one of the relatives’ place. boring lor. eat and eat nia. the red wine there weird weird de. machiam extra strong. gulp down half a cup nia giddy le. haish. =P

oh wells, later playing cards. must ‘yang zu jing shen’ then can tong sha! wish me luck. =D pics before i go..


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