been sleeping so little lately, and at weird times too. slept at 6 this morning and woke at 9.30. haish. downloaded this 2d s2s maple-like game, ghostonline. the graphics are so cute, but it’s so freaking hard to play! zzZz. gave up after a while. blehz. =\

so many things happened within these few days .
i feel so stressed and fucked up .
keep crying myself to sleep ,
but i still don’t know what to do .
how should i think ?
what should i do ?
who should i choose ?
i know i can’t have both ,
and i’m trying not to hurt either .
i shouldn’t let this drag on .
but i’m really really really lost .
follow my heart they say .
my heart’s just as confused .
probably the only option left ..
is to have neither .

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