it’s been ages since i went swimming, and the feeling of returning to the pool just now was just…WOW! lols. okay lah, i can’t really swim well lah, but can float, can move forward, can le right? just to jian fei and relax abit ma. and anyway i only swim at night, so nobody can see me swim. even if can, also can’t see clearly. lol! i wonder if i should eat. cos, what’s the point of burning those calories only to eat them back right? but i’m hungry. hmmm.

=\ actually i see no meaning in the above paragraph, but heck lah. i don’t know what i’m saying man. haha!

cut my nails just now. heartpain sia. but i have to admit they were getting kinda long. too long for me to perfect audition. so now that they’re shorter, i can go rape npc liao. (just an audi term. relax.) ^^v

lalala~ oh yeah, watch this video. this guy is pro man. 8k freestyle. woohoo~ notice how each move connects to the other (if you get what i mean). i think he memorized those steps. makes me feel so noob man. =(

to sasa, if you’re here. paiseh leh. for yesterday and friday. yesterday i really really don’t feel like going out. i think you understand why right? and friday, erms, i see after going to the fair i still got time anot ba. see first, but not confirm hor. sowie!


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