wowee. it’s march already. what happened to jan and feb? time passes so fast. just 8 more months and i’ll be hitting the big TWO ZERO. omg scary. =.= but i guess i should be considered lucky since i’m the always the youngest in the gang(s)? so far i think only zhu younger than me, but i think i act younger than her. *pengz* anyway, one by one i see my friends hitting twenty and finally it’s gonna be my turn soon. that thought is seriously freaking me out. how nice if i could just stay 18 forever. lols.

rotting at home has never been so sianz. lols. i wish i could treat this as a holiday, but it feels kinda weird to have no more lectures, tutorials, projects and exams to look forward to. so empty. haish. suddenly i feel like going back to school again. =P

hmm. i wonder if i should pick up writing again. reading all those fanfictions simply tempt me to continue where i left off years ago. and there’s still the cross-stitch half-done. lalala~

p.s. should i go swimming later despite the drizzle? i miss the pool. =(


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