went out with my gals today (or rather, yesterday). supposed to go to just the career fair at suntec, but dunno why we ended up meeting at orchard instead. i don’t want to mention this, but i actually waited an hour for them to arrive. lols. poor me, standing around in heels and nearly fainting from starvation. so wei da right? see how much i love my gals? tsk tsk. =P

decided to lunch at cine’s suki sushi. thank god we didn’t buy the movie tickets first, cos all of us took up the buffet offer. think we ate for a few hours right? hehes. suki’s way better than sakae man. sakae buffet only can order $1.90 items, but suki’s can go up to $4.90. we ordered lots of salmon sashimi. too bad they cut it too thick. spoils the taste. and i think cos we ordered too much $4.90 items, they die die also dowan serve us the lobster salmon thingy. lols.

when the lobster salmon thingy finally arrived, ‘someone’ wanted to play zhong ji mi ma. dunno why, but seems like i always tio one lor. eh i help you guys clear 2 of it leh. thank me! =\ we played so many rounds and that ‘someone’ never even tio once can. evil RUILAN!! lols. oh, and nice talk we had there. *grinz*

after jolin went off to work, the 3 of us went to the career fair. not much for me, but at least i found murdoch’s booth. i’m gonna send an email to that person, and i sure hope she’s able to help me. *crosses fingers* yean and ruilan got the info they wanted too, right? lols. at least you guys have better chances than me. lack of teachers leh. sure got job liao lor. blehx.

headed home after that. felt so much like puking. either eat too full or too much salmon, which in this case, i think it was both. zzZz. did i scare you two? hahas. thanks for the concern though, i’m feeling better already. muacks both of you. =)

pics pics! yean looks so kawaii with that fringe. lols.

kbox on tues? hmms. you’re probably gonna kill me if i say i dowan go right? but i can’t sing one leh. blehz. k lah i’ll go ba, but let’s see if you can make me open my mouth to sing. mwhahaha~!

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