met mingkai to go walk walk. not really met ba, more like, he came and waited for me. =\ was supposed to meet at 1pm, but when he called at 12.45, i was still sleeping. accidentally set the alarm at 11.30 pm instead of am. SO PAISEH CAN!!!

lunched at crystal jade la mian. first time eating that. not bad ba, but so big bowl lor. blehx. i want that mango pudding, with cherry on top de! =D

after that walked around suntec to get cher’s prezzie. went in the big big toy’r’us. so fun browsing through all those toys. ^^ kids nowadays so lucky. last time me where got so many nice toys to play de. tsk tsk. there got so many big soft toys also. feel like hugging all. lucky at that time not much people. you know those stuff toys where you press their tummy and they start to sing? we kept pressing those. lols. and ‘someone’ kept singing the silly barney song. hehe.

received (or saw) an sms from cher, saying that the dinner was still on. she had told me this morning that it was canceled cos zhu got fever. lol. wah panic sia, i still thought got time to slowly buy her prezzie. hmms. but luckily in the end still managed to get one for her. hope you like that pig cher! =)

on the way to mrt, we passed by gelare and was kinda tempted to eat again. got a chocolate overload waffle cone. that choc is sooo rich lor. no wonder my mum say gelare ice cream nice. oh yeah, you can go india and say that ‘there’s only enough for one bird’ thingy all you want. =P

met my girls at bugis. poor mingkai, but hor, i’d prolly ditch anyone for my girls. whahaha! strolled to bistro indulgez. it’s along the same stretch of shophouses as tian tian huo guo, if any of you are interested. i dunno where cher read the review, but since she wanted to go, and she’s paying, why not? LOL. i sound so evil. =X

the cheese thingy was kinda nice. hahas. the cheese oozes out when you cut into it. yums! i think you’re supposed to eat it with the cranberry sauce, but i din ba. did i? lols.

i liked the fried mushrooms, without the sauce. the sauce tasted too much like wasabi. very weird. but the mushrooms were nice. at first i thought they were button mushrooms, but i guess they used shiitake instead? but nice lars.

i also had french onion soup, which tasted quite bland to me. the one at surf ‘n’ turf was nicer (cheaper somemore). zhu’s mushroom soup also nice, from what i tasted. haha. but i realized the food they served kinda not hot leh. i think it would have tasted much better if they were piping hot.

cher’s butterflyfish (or whatever fish it is) quite nice. like the mango sauce. hahas.

sex on the beach. ^^ first time i’m drinking alcohol outside. damn i feel guilty. haha. but who can resist that long list of cocktails right in front? lucky the alcoholic content not that high. i think zhu’s lychee martini is more lethal. i sure kana caught if i drank that.

lastly, the cheese fondue. they added beer or wine or whatever to it. so much so that we can’t really taste the cheese. kinda wasted cos it’s a CHEESE fondue, not a freaking ALCOHOL fondue right? lols. and the green apples were sour. =.=

hmm. all these cost nearly 90bucks can?! not really worth it i guess. but still, lubs cher for the meal. big big MUACKS to you~ =D


damn i feel so full. soooo gonna grow fat if i keep stuffing myself. haish. i want swimming tml. =(

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