i should be sleeping. *bitter laugh*

i am so not happy today, and i don’t even know what i’m upset about. was still feeling okay when i woke up. submitted a couple of skins. became very pissed off when a user rated my skins down. then i noticed she/he rated every single skin down. felt better, but still little sad that my ratings were pulled down. hmms.

auditioned a bit. was the only one in the room who managed to accomplish a tough mission. x20 den! i should be elated. but i dunno why i’m still feeling down.

drank a glass of beer during steamboat dinner. nothing much. downed 2 glasses of white wine after that during mahjong. felt so sianz. downed another glass of xo with ice. blehx. i guess i sound abit blur, but not drunk yet. =(

hey buddy, if you’re reading this. i’m not sure if getting wasted can help forget problems; i’ve never tried it before. but hor, if you wanna try, make sure you get COMPLETELY wasted. either that, or you don’t drink at all. cos, if you’re like me now, drank some, but still not drunk yet, you’d be feeling alot worse. =.=

let’s just hope it’ll be a better day when i wake up.


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