harloooooow~! i’m in a crazy mood at the moment. =D

mapled till 6plus this morning and woke up around 12.30. was wondering why i kept hitting the wrong dollhouse, then i realized i was supposed to find the REAL house, not the fake one. =.= too blur le.

met kenneth in the afternoon. actually i was feeling kinda surprised that he asked me go walk walk, until he said his comp died on him and he felt sianz at home. blehx you lor. and he wanted to go gothic, so..yeah. ehh i painted my nails black just for you leh. see i so nice right? =PpPpP

went plaza sing walk walk. really is just walk walk lor. lols. nothing much, then went dhoby exchange walk again. that place kinda pathetic ba. then saw jiajun working at the redemption counter. from the way kenneth and jiajun chatted, i really thought they knew each other. until after that kenneth asked me “who is she ah?”. diaos.

went suntec (yes, to walk again). went to the toys’r’us again. this time got the peekaboo eeyore and ‘bouncing’ barney leh. DAMN CUTE CAN! really tempted to get the peekaboo eeyore. =)

walked abit more after that, then went causeway point. and yeah, walked around abit also. lols. halfway through, got a call from mingkai. he was telling me about those herds of cows and goats he saw roaming about over there. darn i’m jealous.

after dinner, went to my place there and sat by the pool talking. the water very tempting right? lols. and how long were we there? got an hour bo? haha. and when i reached home, my dad asked me why never buy supper since i’m back so early. sometimes i don’t understand them. 10+pm is early, and 12am is late. it’s only a couple of hours difference leh. zzZz.

buddy buddy, i sure hope you’re reading this. cos if you’re not, either your comp’s not revived yet, or you’re still stuck in that blocks of flats. although i hope it’s the former, i can’t help it if shit happens. ^^

but hey, i sure had fun today. think from the time i met you until just now dinner, i so totally lost my image from laughing liao lor. and it’s not that i’m sianz or what, just that my reaction abit slow can. hahas. anyway, let’s go out again sometime k? we’ll go have LA MIAN! =D

tired tired now, and soo full. gonna maple le. lalala~


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