today i woke up at 10.45. first time (i think) i woke up before 12. =.=
started making ying’s blogskin. i double clicked on that psp icon and suddenly a message popped up. “you have 0 days left”


lols. i thought i still got a few more days sia. but luckily the trial still can extend another 15 days. so ppl, if want lemme do customized skins, hurry hor. =P

surprisingly this skin took me less than 40 mins to make and code. and i reaaallly like it. so tempted to change to this one too. hahas.

ying ah, pm me for the code if you wanna use this one. but even if you don’t wanna use it, lemme know also hor. don’t paiseh ah. (so i can submit it.) =D

preview abit first~~

hehe cute cute? i so like it can. =) but hor, sorry ah, look abit plain and simple. cos my latest designs are like that one. i think my white skins look better. and sorry if you don’t like the pic. i’m currently into monokuro boo. lols.

lalala~ new club mode on audition. love it! hehe.

results sucked. but heng i passed. i guess this sem’s poor results were kinda expected lah. oh wells. =\

did another skin for fun. but personally i think the first one nicer. =P
ying, you see you want which one lor.


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