I AM SO SAD CAN!!!!!! =((((

my paintshop pro expired. yesterday it said i could extend for another 15 days. imagine my horror when i clicked on it just now and the same message popped up again. “you have 0 days left’. stuuunned sia.

wtf lor. i was about to work on zhu’s blogskin. found cute pics and the design was already in mind. suddenly lydat. sianz. i feel like crying sia.

i sure hope helpdesk is open when i go back school next week. and i hope they allow me to install my fireworks. i guess i’d probably lie that i need to repeat the sem, if they don’t allow. blehx. either that, or i go get paintshop pro. surprisingly it’s only 80 bucks. (ps i thought it would be a few hundred bucks.) but i not sure if it’s in USD or what. haish.

i simply cannot stand not doing any blogskins. argh!

to zhu and jen :

sorry sorry! dui bu qi! gomenasai!
i’m afraid i can’t do any blogskins at the moment, unless i manage to find another substitute.



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