new blogskin again. LOL. originally did for jenny, but she doesn’t like it. it looks kinda too cute to go into the recycle bin, so i used it instead. it’s a little more colorful than the usual black and white ones i made. if anyone wants it, i can change the name up there to yours and i’ll use back my previous one.

i don’t really like the side navigations though. i wonder how others seem to make theirs looks so nice. but oh wells, i don’t know how to make it look better. )=

-hafiez- i can do yours now if you still want me to.

-yingz & zhu- first come first served for the monokuro missing you blogskin. otherwise i’m gonna submit it soon. i don’t really want my skins to be sitting in my hard drive and not being used at all. lols.


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