boOs. iie iishh b0reddx. =.=

maple’s freaking laggy. i wonder if it’s the gameguard problem, or singnet’s routing problem, but i now need a whopping 1-2 seconds to pick up each item. can u imagine how slow i’m training? *bangs keyboard* =X

after getting fireworks, i suddenly have no inspiration to make any blogskins. i also just found out fireworks DOES NOT have any brushes. wth. blehx. i think i need to go out more often and see more stuff. i also need to improve the quality of my skins. haish. oh yeah, and my creativity juices need to be replenished as well. anyone knows where to buy them in bulk? lols.

removed my blog link from my page on blogskins. which means, my blog’s private again. lol. no more strangers visiting my blog. no more weird weird skin requests. and no more doing customized skins for strangers. hehes. but if you know me and i know you, feel free to ask me for one (provided you trust my skills). i see making each customized skin as a challenge. =D

oh wells. this is probably the last post before i head for genting later tonight (haven even pack my stuff yet. -_-). and when i come back, it’s meetup with my gals! oh ya, heard from yean you all din go kbox that day cos of me? oops! =X so paiseh wor. i thought you all got go leh. next time we go again k? psps…

cher dear (i know she doesn’t read my blog, but i feel like posting), come over my place next thurs or fri bah. but if it’s too bothersome to carry your tools over, i can always pop down your place. or we go see hammies! blehx.

hmmms. last bit before i go. was pretty freaked out by jonathan just now, using his bro’s account. eh jon, my memory’s not good, but i still can remember both of you one hor. don’t scare me like that leh. lols.

okies. i’m gone. *poof*


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