miie ishh sho sads. )=

cher came in the afternoon. watched da vinci code again. but i kinda like that show. that story, rather. i prefer the book to the movie anytime. =x lols.

oh ya, she’s going to help me make a necklace with those pearls my ah ma gave me. yay! thx dear. treat you to dinner next week? i insist. =D can’t wait to see her design. lalala~

free advertisement for her (though i know not many people read my blog).
her accessories damn nice lor. girls, you’d love them, especially my friends who have seen me wearing her designs. guys, get some for your girlfriends/female friends/sisters/cousins/whatever. reeeeaaaaalllllyyy nice. hehes. there. click it.

oh wells. and it was pastamania’s annual dinner and dance. so….NO PASTAMANIA TODAY!! haish. i wanted to eat that one lor. )=

that’s not the bad part yet. i bought a couple of maple cards this afternoon. cashed them in. was so prepared to change my bootes hunter’s hairstyle. after showing cher my aquila priest’s hairstyle, i forgot to switch back to bootes. and i bought the vip coupon. at aquila. wtf lor. haiz. it’s either 12bucks down the drain, or i’m playing my priest again. i think…it’s gonna be the latter. bye bye Aphroditee! sobs.

really. so. sad. =(

i think i shouldn’t anyhow say things. they seem to be coming true. remember that time on the ship to ossy, i asked to u-turn? i really dc-ed and went back to vic. i jokingly threatened to play my priest, and now i really have to play priest. @.@

let me strike 4d, toto, mahjong, big sweep, whatever. *prays*


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