didn’t want to be reminded of aquila/bootes, so i busied myself with making a new blogskin. obviously i’m missing my hunter, cos i searched ‘aphrodite’ on deviantart. came across this aphrodite wallpaper which kinda gives me a nice feel. i had wanted to do a navigational skin for submission, but i didn’t feel like messing with navigational codes, so..ta da~

the bad part about fireworks is that it doesn’t have any brushes i can use, as compared to photoshop, paintshop pro, and gimp. which means, i can only download image pack brushes, which are like, damn hard to find and limited. but still, i quite like the way this skin turned out. especially since it’s my first attempt at adding ‘brushes’ from the image packs i downloaded some time ago. although i think it’s one of my nicer skins (hao lian), i think i still need to practise more. =(

oh wells. by the way, i think i really like my hunter, so…most probably gonna let that 12bucks fly off. haiz. sad sad. *needs pastamania to cheer her up* XD


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