lalala. i’m feeling refreshed suddenly. hahas. must be the swim+steambath just now. haven’t been swimming for a couple of weeks already. missed the pool soo much. i forgot tomorrow was a public holiday; which meant there were much more people in the pool. haish. but still, managed to swim a couple of laps without bumping into anyone.

unfortunately, that couple of laps isn’t making me tired enough to sleep early tonight. sad. and with the mahjong craze going on at home now, i’d probably be mapling into the night. blehs.

as i was swimming just now, a song suddenly came to mind. Not Pretty Enough by Kasey Chambers, from her 2002 Barracades & Brickwalls album. it’s playing now as i write this. i first heard it some 4/5 years ago on the radio. it kinda fitted perfectly to what i was going through at that time. oh wells. over and done with. =X

nothing much to update actually. hmms. oh yeah. i thought centi boss was pretty easy for my priest. i din expect it to be chicken feet for my hunter as well. wasted so much time collecting all those stuff. @.@ and it didn’t drop anything at all lor. blehs. u guys can go try it. it makes you feel strong. LOL.

last bit. if you all don’t like the taste of tiger/carlsberg or whatever, try asahi. it doesn’t really have the bitter beer taste. i quite like it. heex.

yay. i wanna make another blogskin for the lyrics of not pretty enough, but no inspiration! argh.


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