happy good friday to all~!

yay! another skin! hehes. inspired by free hugs and nickleback’s if everyone cared. took me a whopping 2 hours just to get the blending right. oh and i added some ‘brushes’ as well. those arrows look so pixellated. (image packs suck.) haish. so sad. but i just love the gradient effect. lols. anyways, i do hope it looks okay to you. =X

i wonder if this skin appeals to guys. cos, i don’t know how to make guys’ blogskins. hahahaha~ (because i’m a girl. ^^) does anyone wanna use it? or should i submit it? hmm. oh wells. i’m leaving this till tonight. so if anyone wants it, do lemme know before i submit it later.

sneak preview~ lols.

oh wells. i guess it’s mahjong and maple all the way tonight. tata~

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