lalala~made this blogskin last night. thanks to jojo’s too little too late. lubs that song too. hehe.

this one was made completely out of brushes, except for that little emo guy at the corner. i kinda like the overall feel he gives to this skin. i think i need to improve my css/html. i can’t seem to match the fonts with the skin. hrmph. and i’m addicted to these gray/black color schemes. lols.

oh wells. i submitted it here. initial response was rather pleasing. let’s just hope it lasts. =)

support support? i’m not asking you guys to go mass download it or something, but if it catches your eye, do go download it and use it, or rate it and fave it, or even green me if you can! hehes. ^^

ta da~!

hmmms. my ah gong suddenly called me last night at midnight. thank god he didn’t call the house. i guess i forgot to switch off my room lights and he saw that i wasn’t asleep. haish. he called and spoke alot to me about how i should sleep early and not waste my time chatting online. (i wanted to explain i was making a blogskin but i doubt he understands.) kinda reminded me of the times when i was little and still staying with him. he used to ‘preach’ to me every night. the effect of guinness stout, one can too many. tsk tsk.

i know pretty well where he’s coming from, and i appreciate the concern. but seriously, i don’t really like people running my life for me. *plays bon jovi’s it’s my life*

lols. last bit. hope i get the recept job. i’m running low on cash. blehs. girls, when meeting? confirm le ma? and sasa, really hope the friday esplanade date is on. i mish you leh. hehes.

i need food. tata!


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