hmms. today i woke up again before 12. having slept at around 7am, i consider this quite an amazing feat already. =P this time it was cher who called, about a job. a customer service job. hmms. i don’t like dealing with customers. or people, for that matter. seems kinda ironic that i’ve actually applied and is still applying for temp human resource and admin assistant positions. oh wells. i hate office jobs. but since i have experience in HR, maybe it makes it easier to find one? blehs.
in the middle of the very sleepy conversation, my princessy mosquito net fell on me. =.= the freaking fishing line snapped and i got a rude shock man. woke me up COMPLETELY! zzZz. look what it became. )= my dad had better fix it up when he gets home. and USE MORE LINES LAH! haish.

hmmms. feel like asking me how on earth do i sleep with so many toys? well, that’s something you will never know. *evil laughter*

okays i’m lame.

found a nice new training spot in maple for my hunter. new as in, i haven’t trained there before. hmm. stone gollems’ exp rocks. but i don’t like the sight of them. they make me go eeeeeeeeeeeeee. know why? see see.

see anything wrong? yeah. that stupid yellow flower on its head. -_-”’
at first glance, this stone thingy looks all strong and macho, and when you squint closer, you see that there’s actually a small little cute yellow flower on top. wth? it just ruins the whole ‘macho’ image. i tried not to focus on the yellow thing when training, but it’s just so hard you know.

i think it’s like, you see this tall, dark and handsome guy and suddenly he whips out his (HIS!) baby pink and furry handphone pouch. k lah, it MAY have some sort of sentimental value, but please, if it’s so precious, keep it at home lah! *pengz*

anyway, no offense to guys using baby pink and furry handphone pouches, whether with sentimental value or not. XD

last random pic!

realized i haven’t been auditioning for some time. my skills must have de-proved alot. ooh and wedding party’s coming up in the patch next week. lols. kinda curious to see if it’s the same as those weddings in KAu anot. =P

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