this post is meant for yesterday.

just realized yesterday was friday the 13th. black friday! lucky nothing unfortunate happened. blehs.

ann called in the morning. which means, i was woken up by a phone call AGAIN!!! how many times this week already? three? four? five? blehs. but anyways, at least i have someone on the lookout for admin/hr jobs for me. she said she’ll call me soon. i sure hope i get a job or something. lols.


was supposed to meet mingkai. but then he said he’ll be a little late, and that zai mian on the table is so tempting can. hahas. eating slow and chewing your food properly is a virtue ok?! how i know you so fast reach de. the freaking heavy rain is not my fault also hor. i had to walk through the muddy flooded path leh. give you enough face le gua. blehs.

accompanied him to see doctor. appointment at 2.20 and reach at 3. so punctual sia. ^^ spent the next 2hrs or so waiting. excellent time management. XD

went town. walked around plaza sing. also watched the reaping. freaking horror movie. zzZz. but the gal was pretty. so was the little girl. chios leh. haha. and i love that “what the fuck was that?” LOL.

after that walked from plaza sing to heeren then to taka. lucky i wasn’t wearing heels. saw this dumbo thingy at action city. i just HAD TO get it. soooo freaking cute leh!! i cannot (and will not) resist soft toys. whahaha~! see see.

check out her little nails and pretty eyelashes. (it’s a her because i said so. ^^) omg kawaii~! hahas. after that went taka coffee bean. din know they close at 10 de. hmmms.

but anyways, eh kai, was supposed to treat you something de leh. end up make you spend so much money. i feel guilty. LOL.

next time. gelare. my treat. hehes.

p.s. why is it that even at 11pm, there’s still a freaking long queue at 7-11? can’t get my maple card. can’t change hair today. sads. =P

oh ya. ‘promote’ my this blogskin again. i think it’s one of my best so far. lubs the response. i want to make more skins!! but no inspiration. argh!


last last. finally fixed! see how pretty now? =)

if you think this is alot of toys, you should see my whole room. does anyone wanna see how many of them i actually have? or how many doggie figurines? hehe. cher asked me the other day she came. i told her to count herself. she gave up. =D

p.s. new song playing. not very popular i guess, since i tried to search it but no one uploaded it. likes it.

hmmms. k bah, i need to chiong maple le. tatas~


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