bad bad day today. (so far)
cleaned up my laptop this afternoon. took me like, 3hrs to defrag it and all. finally can maple le!

started to chiong, but had to switch channels a couple of times cos of raiders. they din do much lah, except start to kill mobs above/below mine. i saw how fast they were killing, so i bo bian must cc to train.

halfway through, my mood was tremendously improved by a pretty polite sin who told me he just wanted to pass through, and so kindly waited for me to clear the platforms before he advanced. nice hor? his brief presence also helped to increase spawn rate for awhile. haish. how nice if all maplers were like that. and because of my good mood, i gave out free gollem stones to someone. i think he was doing blackbull’s quest. lols.

just as i was about to go back town and take a rest, along came another sin who spammed ‘cc pls’ the moment she came in. she even had the nerve to tell me it was because she was lagging. she pissed me off, and after i replied ‘so?’, she started ksing me outright. if she had quietly started killing the mobs other than mine, i would have cc-ed. but since she wanted to ks MY mobs right in front of ME, i guess she deserved to be ks-ed back.

even if gary hadn’t pm-ed me at that moment, i would have asked him to ks her sometime. the map wasn’t important anymore; i just wanted to teach her a lesson. grrrrr! you guys always say i’m too kind, but seriously, i can be mean to the extreme when i’m really offended. woman+scorpio=deadly ^^

but anyway, big big thanks to gary and your guildmate (din catch the name. nightwings or smth?) for helping me snatch the map back. sorry for making you guys waste your pots though. arigato! xie xie! MUACKS~

oh wells. gonna create guild later at 9. hopefully after i take a bathe and go back to maple, i won’t meet any rude maplers liao.

chanced upon a wallet filled with my used maple cards. i wonder why i even keep them in the first place. realized i’d spent so much money on maple and audition. tsk tsk. i feel guilty now.

i should get a job. hmm. linda found one for me. at NUS, as HR assistant. i haven’t confirmed it yet, but most probably i’ll call up tomorrow and confirm the job. got cpf one leh. lols. and i’m still thinking whether or not to go this weekend for the SIA thingy. hmmm. oh wells.

judy!! i mish you. as well as lyia, sherry..and those at sono. sia lah, i think i really miss working there. tsk tsk. meet up soon hor, busy xiao mei. hehes.

lalala~ bath time.


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