tired today. my blistered feet hurt. =(

went down to the agency. at town. then went over to NUS BT campus for interview. that place is freaking hard to find. i followed the instructions linda gave me, but i ended up so far away from it. haish. walked and walked. in heels. wtf. i think it’s pretty convenient from my place. have direct buses. but that darn building is so freaking far from the bus stop. must walk up the slope somemore. hmm. i hope i get the job though. so can jian fei! ^^

hmmms. i’ve seen quite some interviews when i was working in sono, but to officially be in one..never try before. lols. lucky the two ladies were quite friendly. i don’t think i felt nervous ba. dunno why gary say i sounded nervous. maybe too hot and tired le. hehe.

oh wells. if i really get the job, means i can only chiong maple at night. so sad. and must wake up early somemore. arhhhhhh~!


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