hmm. no calls so far. i guess i didn’t get the NUS job after all. oh wells. linda found another one for me at novena. it’s nearer and more convenient. pray i get that one.

and i need passport photos for SIA. sianz. i hope my aunt’s cam can get it done. otherwise i have to go out and get some tomorrow. i want that SIA job!! but i don’t think i can get it. seriously. =(

argh so sianz! helped mingkai play his archer. sooooo boring. i can’t stand melee. lols. oh ya, i lost that maro i was bidding for. lost the bid at the VERY LAST SECOND. haish. gary, go help me raid his map until he gives it back to me.

lols. just kidding.

i’m bored. no inspiration to make blogskin at all. and the motivation to train from looking at my char’s hair is starting to fade already. tsk tsk.



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