i’m bored. goodness knows why i woke up at 8.45am this morning. no calls, no smses, no nothing. and i just woke up like that. zzZz.

finished up my last 10% tnl, then slacked the afternoon away. should i head to ossy/ludi, or pia another level at gollems for the lvl 52 quest? haish.

in a rather good mood today, cos i managed to chase a couple of raiders away. the first one was a 4X ice lit who stubbornly refused to move. i cleared my platforms as fast as i could, hoping for the fast spawn down there to help me finish him off. true enough, i saw his tomb drop. whahaha. i’m evil. second one was also a 5X hunter, but dunno why his damage so low. oh wells.

no mood to maple. no mood to make blogskins. no mood to do anything.

ann called with a government job at bukit merah. after i agreed, i realized how freaking far it was. wth. i’m kinda hoping i don’t get it. =X

p.s. was it just me, or did that voice over the phone not sound like yours? O.o


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