was browsing through songs when i came across this one. true by ryan cabrera. the singing part is okay lah, gets better as you listen more. but the music is nice. is that guitar or something? ahh whatever. it’s nice. i like. ^^

during the guild chat about musical instruments just now, i was wondering why nobody mentioned the saxophone. not very common i guess. i love the sound of it. and the look of it. i don’t know why, but there’s something about a guy playing the saxophone that just turns me on. *blush*

lols. anyway, ann called this morning. woke me up. for the umpteenth time. =.= she said i got the bukit merah hr assistant job. damn! the job i wanted so badly, i didn’t get. instead i got one which i didn’t want at all. it’s not about the job. it’s about the freaking long long distance. in case you don’t know, bukit merah is on the OPPOSITE side of the island from where i stay. wth. my aunt told me it’s approximately 2hrs by bus, and 1hr plus by train. after deducting the transport cost, i realized i don’t earn much from that $6/hr paycheck. i prolly won’t stay long there, even though it’s only a 3mth temp job. unless i have very nice colleagues, which is unlikely, considering it’s in the government sector. =(

suddenly my life feels emptier than before. going there for an interview is pretty different from going there knowing you’ve already got the job. by the way, there wasn’t even an interview for this. either it’s urgent, or they know i confirm can do what i’m expected to. this is risky. cos if there’s an interview, i can still tell them, “you never screen properly ma”, when anything goes wrong. but when there isn’t, oh wells, i prolly get all the blame. wish me luck. hope i don’t do anything wrong and get fired on the first day. lol.

argh! i’m gone. *disappears*


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