saxophone craze. lols. forever in love by kenny g. classic!! fave song so far. i’m resisting the urge to add a whole playlist of kenny g’s songs here. =P

anybody watched fly me to polaris? it’s a very old film. 1999 movie. lols. i watched it at the cinema back then, and my aunt was tearing. in fact, everyone was, ‘cept me. =X that was the first time i came across the saxophone. the sound of it immediately got me hooked. lols. and can you imagine the silhouette of richie ren, playing the saxophone, by the poolside, under the stars? aaaahhhh~

i wonder if i’ve ever mentioned this. there was once when i went to the esplanade with yean, sa and a couple of guys, and there was this ‘ah beng’ band getting ready to perform. ‘ah beng’ as in, blonde hair and stuff, very ‘ah beng’ type. but i admit they were rather shuai, which was why we stayed and watched. =P we got a shock when they started to play. cos they performed classical jazz. -_-” the lead singer’s voice was just, wow! but the saxophonist was the one that caught my attention. dunno why too. LOL. if i didn’t remember wrongly, i had goosebumps that night. not from the seabreeze, but from the overload of romanticness. i think it’s amazing how just a saxophone can bring out the romanticness in any kind of situation. lols.

i called ann to reject the bukit merah job. i feel so bad. cos i’ve actually accepted it already. haish. she sounded pissed. i guess i shouldn’t be depending on them anymore. sure won’t find job for me le. oh wells. should i just slack at home until i get my dip cert in june? XD

in the meantime, shall carry on with my obsession with kenny g and saxophones. ^^

p/s. wows slept at 4plus and woke up at 8.30. alarm was ringing from 8-8.30. i must be deaf. LOL.
p/p/s. dinner with winny postponed to thurs. i mish her. =P


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