i got that graduation letter already. at first i was thinking, if my friends were going, i would too. after reading that letter, i changed my mind. i’m not going. i don’t think my friends will be going either. at least, i don’t think this is yean’s cup of tea. hmmm. first, need to wear formal. second, need to reserve the darn robe. third, i have to pay for that thing? so what if we’re the first batch ever to don it. bleh. fourth, the whole procedure of receiving that certificate is something which i do not like. so overall, why go when i’m not gonna enjoy myself there?

had a sudden urge to play my priest last night. did the new perion quests. fun! so now i’m stuck between my priest and hunter. i like shooting arrows, but my priest’s of a decent level already. argh! *blur*

today’s newspapers made me feel that the world might just be a better place without men. to those 2 rapists (and many more out there), i hope you burn in hell. =)

p/s. nice song here. (pause my song if you wanna listen to this.)


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