i used to think that i could grab a great bargain when it’s near closing time at the supermarkets as the sushi would be going at half or almost-half price. because those sushi look so tempting every time i pass by. after today, i think i’m gonna change my mind. when my parents came back at 9.30pm, i was soo looking forward to my dinner cos i was starving, and i was delighted when i saw the plates and plates of sushi. to my disappointment, all of them weren’t up to standard at all. seriously lacking in flavor and freshness, and an absurd amount of rice. -_-”’ not nice at all. i couldn’t even finish what i could normally eat twice outside. tsk tsk. ruined my appetite.

maple is freaking boring, and so is audition. i’m lazy.

got a call from someone. apparently she told me sherry had referred me to her. it’s a HR position job also, but she wants an experienced one. nevertheless, she asked to see me on monday. i know she’s probably giving face to sherry only, cos she haven’t even seen my resume. she also asked me if i had any HR experience, and i just told her, i only had the attachment in HR. she laughed and said, that’s not considered experience. i was wondering, when did i mention to her that i am experienced? weird woman.

another point. why do employers all ask for experienced employees? then, where do the inexperienced ones find experience? hmmm.

spca would love this.


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