maple is sianz. very. -_-”’ boring day today. mapled. eat. mapled.

grats gary for passing that paper which you had initially given up on. you can do it if you want to. next time don’t give up just like that. 3 more. 🙂

unpleasant encounter just now. not me, but my aunt. she was walking over to our place, and had to walk past the table and bbq pit. there was a guy sitting there and his chair was blocking the path. my aunt said excuse me twice. first time he pretended not to hear. the second time, he shouted at my aunt to walk another side instead. he even called her ‘kayu’ lor. bleh.

his wife later hushed him and made him let my aunt walk past. when she came up, my aunt was so hopping mad. she called the security to warn that guy too. my dad was pissed, so he went down with her. apparently, that guy was only a guest lor. how dare he shout at us residents. my dad scolded so loudly that people around came out to see what happened. lols.

first time i’ve seen my dad like that. he even said he don’t mind hitting that guy too. wows. my mum also asked me to get people here to beat him up. lols. in fact, i wanted to do that too. my evil side coming out.

i wondered why my aunt came up just now. if it was me, i’d prolly stay down there and call everyone down. then i’ll start on my san zi jing, and if that didn’t work, i’ll stuff a few prawns in his damn mouth. and then station some people outside to beat the crap out of him up once he leaves the place. bleh. i ish evil!

lol. okay i’m kidding. but seriously, i am pissed with that guy too. i’m pissed with all those that sit in the middle of that path, refusing to budge. although that place is only occupied during weekends, i’ve met my fair share of these idiots. sometimes i reeeaaaaallllyy feel like teaching them a lesson. like, pouring hot soup on them and saying,

“oops! paiseh lah. you don’t let me pass; i bo bian must squeeze through. so accidentally spill little bit. aiyah my soup wasted liao.”

muhahahahaha. anyway, that asshole apologized in the end. tsk tsk.


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