nice nice song. think zhu intro-ed it to me long long ago. meaningful lyrics. i like. =)

i wanna go out! i miss shopping with my gals. i miss esplanade with sasa. i miss crapping and laughing with kenneth. i miss poking peekaboo eeyore at suntec toy’r’us. =P how nice if i’m paid to go out and have fun with friends. lols.

was supposed to go out later. but cancelled. so hard to meet up now that everyone’s working (except me). yean ah, i promise to consider carefully whether or not to go for the grad ceremony k? don’t come call and nag at me everyday hor. i will freak out one. but really, i din expect you to want to go for the ceremony leh. hmmms.

i should really stop waking up in the afternoons. time passes so quickly. hmm. i need to sleep early too. oh wells. easier said than done.

wth. bo liao post today. =\


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