i woke up at 9.30am today leh!! hehe. ^^

today is equipment-day! hector dropped 2 for me within 30 mins, and i got another 15 eqs over at street 1, including that super kawaii plastic bottle. nicee~ let’s hope it drops red brick for me tomorrow. hahas. i guess it may not be alot, but compared to golems, gangsters are wayy more generous. by the way, paiseh din help you trade hor. she afk in cash shop, then later log off liao. can’t catch her.

hmmmm. someone from success resource centre called me just now. her voice is so cute lor! can almost imagine this small little japanese doll-like gal. lols. she say got contract HR job for me. but at town leh, sure wun want me de. =X

oh wells. i is tired from mapling the whole day. off to bed.

p/s. random stranger in maple came up and said i looked cute. 12bucks worth it! =D


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