gary wanted me to blog. so i blog lor. =x

woke up at 6plus this morning, by the rain. couldn’t sleep back cos the rest were too noisy getting ready. some asshole was watching tv so loudly somemore. it wasn’t us because i could still hear the noise after they left. zzZz. must be the neighbours. =x

popped down paradiz centre to find fyn. it is sooooo far from the mrt can?! -_- can u imagine i walked the same stretch of road 4 times today? bleah. by the way, i mentioned fyn has a super cute voice right? it sounded even more cuter in person. lol! and, no offence, but this agency looks better than peninsular plaza de.

after that went down raffles place for interview. couldn’t find the building. lols. i’m really bad at directions. called up my aunt for help. she and her colleagues were like, ‘har? hsbc building you also dunno where ah?’ tsk tsk. interview at 11, i reached at 10.30. hehes.

melissa iish nice! very friendly. her voice also quite cute sia. *jealous* this interview was wayy better than NUS de. i like melissa. i was thinking, how nice if can work under her. hmmms. short interview too. finished before 11.

was stoning on the way home when fyn called. actually i was supposed to call her, but i forgot. ssshhhhh~ =x she told me i got the job (xie xie melissa!) and i needed to pop down to sign the contract. -_-”’ halfway home le leh! but i went back paradiz centre anyway. that explains the 4 times. sho tempted to cab home. but i figured out that cab fare could jolly well pay for my elephant if i could just tahan abit more. lols.

speaking of elephants, i told myself last night that if i managed to get this job, i’ll splurge on an elephant. ^^ i want flying pigs tho. hahas. because this job pays abit more than what i had expected, i wanna last the whole 6mths to get that extra 1mth bonus. i want i want! pweese pray that i don’t kana kicked out. *prays*

and guess what, the office is over at raffles place, opposite fullerton. and where is fullerton? opposite esplanade!! =) i mish esplanade. sooo near…yet soooo far. tsk tsk. -.-

only drawback about this job is that cos it’s a bank, i need to wear abit more formal, instead of the jeans and t-shirts i always don back during attachment. i’m becoming one of those OL le! zzZz. girls, want shopping? =x

now that i’ve finally got a full-time job, i cannot maple the whole day liao. i must sleep early liao. i must wake up early also liao. argh! f4.

last last. when i told huo leong last night that i apply HR job, he went ‘wah you so quiet apply HR.’ hmm. ya hor. i still remember back then, outside the room, just after itp briefing. i told yean, ‘HR is my worst and most hated module, and yet they still post me to HR department.’ the tutor was just behind. bleh. can’t imagine i applied HR and admin jobs all the way ever since.

oh wells. start of something new? first office job. pray it lasts. (=


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