tired and sleepy. drifted in and out of sleep last night, had weird dreams about mahjong and maple, and finally when my alarm rang at 6.30am, i felt as though i hadn’t slept the whole night. i guess i was too nervous le ba. hope tonight won’t lydat le.

first day of work. spent reading p-files and filing documents. halfway through the day my eyes were practically closing liao. oh wells. once my pc is set up tomorrow, i’d prolly have loads of calling to do. i don’t like chasing people for missing documents. machiam loanshark pressing for payment. tsk tsk.

hmms. my department people are nice. rather friendly and willing to teach, especially corine whom i thought looked very fierce. but she’s nice. so is melissa. and karen. and clarissa who was nice enough to show me where to eat. haish. lunch time was so pathetic. i thought i could more or less eat with the SMU internship student, but both of us had to take turns to answer phone calls. the rest got someone to dabao back; left me alone. wth. so qi liang sia. -.- in the end had to dabao back – one mere chicken pao and a slice of papaya. how sad. when i called gary during lunch time, i was really on the verge of crying liao. first time i’ve felt so stranded alone in an unfamiliar place. haiz.

i miss attachment! at least there are nice and friendly people in other departments like engineering, warehouse, logistics etc etc. unlike here. all office. shenton way office somemore. everyone’s working hard trying to climb up the corporate ladder. become abit unfeeling liao leh. at the moment, i guess the necessary 2 and a half months is somehow tolerable. 6 months is hard. a lifetime of office life is impossible. i don’t understand why anyone would like such no-life jobs. *no offense* i wonder if the $ is even worth it. =.=

hmmm. my previous post wasn’t trying to force you to make money and come over. i was just…ranting and sprouting nonsense. don’t have to pay much attention to it. really. don’t let it affect your studies can? i very worried for you leh. =x

oh wells. only the first day of work and i’m dreading tomorrow. argh!


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