work is freaking boring today. my pc still wasn’t set up, and i have to do paperwork again. filing is okay, just that i keep forgetting my finger was already cut from yesterday’s filing. the files seem to aim my injured finger only. -_- furthermore, i dunno why they still need fans in the room when the air con is so cold already. haish.

but melissa said i was doing quite well, and that i do things quite fast. i see irony, cos i’m doing exactly the opposite. simple things which i normally do in 5/10mins, i do for like, 30mins? cos if i finish too fast, i got nothing to do. =X luckily by tomorrow, i’m confirmed a desk and pc, and prolly a phone too. sad. can i not go to work?

saw this in morethanwords at causeway. sho cute. bought it for fun. pic very blur, can see what it is right? bleah.

argh! kenneth! when are your working days? can lunch with me everyday? LOL. i so ke lian leh. dunno why they don’t have the habit of lunching together. don’t they find it qi liang eating alone? i wanted to lunch with the other contract gal downstairs, but i don’t have her number, and she has her nice colleagues to lunch with. argh! lunchtime is only good for calling gary. everytime i call him, i feel like crying. *lonely~~ i am so lonely~~* =D speaking of which, my bill this month sure gonna burst liao. haha. die die must tahan the job, then got money pay phone bill. ^^

i’m missing school. i hate work.


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