NO LIFE NO LIFE! i agree with you ruilan, working leaves us with no life. wake up, work, eat, work, eat, sleep. and the cycle repeats itself day after day. so interesting. sense the sarcasm. i only have a couple of hours left after work and before sleep to use the comp, msn and game awhile. wth.

when i talked to yean in the afternoon, she was saying, “i think you very suitable for office leh. so your this job, perm liao ah? not working night safari le?”

erms yean ah, I AM NOT SUITABLE FOR OFFICE LIFE! i’m dreading waking up every morning. the minute i step in office, i’m counting down to lunch when i can call gary. after lunch, i’m counting down to 6pm. i don’t know why, but time passes so freaking slow. i already try to do slow slow le leh. haiz.

and the night safari thingy. i hope they call me 2 months later. =X

today is super super sianz. majority spent filing documents. standing and squatting. now my feet hurt badly. but luckily, my butt doesn’t hurt much today cos i din sit very long. ^^ the files kept hitting my injured finger, and i got a few more paper cuts. but i put plaster le!! hahas.

i’m dreading tomorrow (again). melissa’s going for a course in the afternoon. which means, nobody’s gonna be around to give me work. i hope she gives me a PILE of paperwork to last me 4 hours. )=

only 3 days and i’m like that. how to last 2 and a half months?

p/s. kenneth, i got 2 lunch times, either 11.45-1, or 1-2.15. lemme know when you can. i think i’m alone everyday. (except tomorrow) thanks loads buddy! =D


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