i iish sho tired, i don’t know where to start. my feet hurt so badly, and i iish sad. ='(

workload today was not so bad. at least i had something to do. but that something meant that i had to stand all the way from after lunch to around 8pm. 6 hours plus in heels. i even wore the shorter one already. haish. i can see so many blisters now. luckily they don’t hurt much. this afternoon, i also realized i had 2 cute little pinkish bruises on my fingers. haha. i don’t know when and how i got them though. i think it was when i slammed the cupboard door on them the other day. they hurt when i’m searching for files. haiz.

working there = physical + mental torture. can’t wait for 2 and a half months.

oh wells. finally i’m not alone today during lunch. my aunt sho nicee. haha. at last can have a proper meal. bur hor, working in the office makes me fat. i can see fat appearing on me le, even though i’m more or less standing. tsk tsk. scared later ppl dowan me le. =X

bleh. silly gary locked himself out of his room. lols. ke lian.

kenneth, i working at hsbc building. opposite fullerton de. hahas. dunno where i work still offer to pei me lunch. so wei da sia. ^^

yings~ time passes so slow. i think poly one not so bad right? here really very jialat one leh. i hate work. can swop? lols.

p/s. i hope you don’t find me bothersome, calling you everyday, but that phone call’s kinda what keeps me going throughout the day. misshiu. )=

p/p/s. crying helps me release pent-up stress and frustrations, so don’t panic if you hear me suddenly break down.

p/p/p/s. last one! not gonna maple today. sorry. very tired. tty tml. bai`bai.


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