i can’t believe i woke up before 9 today, on my own! one week of waking up at 6.30am did this horrible thing to me. lols. feeling super sianz now. i’m sooo dreading work tomorrow. was chatting with jo late last night, and found out she doesn’t like her job as well. all along i thought she was enjoying what she did cos she was blogging so enthusiastically about it. lols. seems like only ruilan and jolin likes theirs. =X

i should stop complaining about my job. i’m sure it’s pissing people off. but i just. can’t. help. it. argh! looking forward to july 27th. haish.

have to go out later to ah gong house. i find it very waste time sia. cos i just sit there and do nothing. my so precious weekend time spent on doing nothing. wth.

also chatted with boon seng (long-lost maple buddy) yesterday. i wonder if he reads my blog. lols. apparently, he asked about gary, and he asked me a couple of points which i was somehow unable to answer. “why you want long dist r/s? he cheat on you you also dunno right? what’s the point when he’s not there when you need him the most? how far are you willing to trust him? how far are you willing to go for him?”

boon seng, i don’t know.

oh wells. nothing left to blog. last two points.
1) i joined sgfriends for fun. so vote for me. button’s at the side. or click here.
2) i’m placing ads from nuffnang, which lets me earn money based on the number of unique visitors. so do help to ‘jio’ people to read my blog everyday k?
xie xie. arigato. kamsa hamida. tank yew. =D


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